Teen Drivers- Your heart just got behind the wheel!


“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  -Elizabeth Stone

The quote above is never more accurately felt than by a parent handing over the car keys to their teen!  As much as driving is a “right of passage” for many teens, it can be an expensive and fearful time for parents. You want to keep your teen safe and your vehicle damage-free!

Driving in Western New York can be a challenge even for experienced drivers but teen drivers are especially vulnerable to the hazards of the road.  Overconfidence, speeding, impaired driving, distraction and inexperience in both traffic patterns and weather conditions can lead to serious– and in the absolute worst cases– fatal accidents. In addition, seat belt use among teens is the lowest of any age group on the road.

With so many dangers on the road and the inexperience of a new teen driver the deck is quickly stacked against the young person.  Consider for a moment the harsh winter driving conditions that can suddenly occur here in Western New York.  Your job as a parent with a teen driver is to arm your child with the safest driving practices you can teach, to follow the rules of New York State’s graduated licensing program created to keep kids safe as they establish safe driving skills and to back up your child with a safe vehicle and good insurance coverage.

As a parent, you have several resources to help.

  1.  there are many local and national driver education programs that are far more in-depth than what you will find in ordinary license classes.
  2. you need great teen-driver-insurance. You want to make sure your child and vehicle are protected with collision and medical coverage. And also with a policy that covers your liability if an at-fault accident occurs. Putnam Record Insurance can make this second task a whole lot easier for you.  Not only are we parents, so we have been in your shoes but we also know all the in’s and out’s of teenage insurance.

We know you also want a great rate on your teen driver insurance.  Putnam Record Insurance can help you find the best insurance policy for your young driver. Rates for teens can be sky high, so you’ll need one of our helpful staff to sit down and work with your current vehicle policy to customize an affordable solution. We work with many different insurance companies so we can search out the best and most affordable policy for you.


If your teen is already driving and you are unhappy with your current insurance rates, call us!  We can provide you with a risk-free, no obligation quote right now!

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