Business Insurance

Don’t allow weak protection to destroy your business.

Consider this true story:

An owner of a metal plating company was trying to put together commercial insurance property protection. His new insurance man noticed some unprotected risk on the prior policy. Specifically, he suggested the owner get replacement cost for building, contents and debris removal.

A few years later, that warehouse burned to the ground in a spectacular 3-11 alarm blaze that took firemen hours to extinguish. The headline in the paper read:

“Extra-Alarm Fire Destroys Warehouse”

Here’s the clincher: if it weren’t for the recommendations of the insurance agent, that business would have been lost. And the business owner would have never seen it coming.

That is what the experienced business insurance agents at the Putnam Record Insurance are here for. We protect you, and we make sure your protection is done right by customizing your property and liability protection to your specific business.

Not only that, but we know what matters to you…


We are committed to making sure that your protection comes at the right price. In fact, we have been around so long, we know how to combine coverages and tweak the right areas to get you the best deal possible. We understand how to shop within our broad insurance company network so that you get the best price available.

We know that’s what you deserve from us. And we deliver it.

The Putnam Record Insurance Agency Difference

The Putnam Record Insurance Agency provides insurance protection to businesses throughout all of New York State. If it gets a little complicated to select from all of the business insurance protection that is available, we’ll help you sort it out. That’s why we exist—to do just that.

The rewards for having your own business are great and so are the risks. We will help you reap the rewards and minimize the risks.

Complete the Protection Savings Form on this page, today. Let us work together to tailor a business insurance protection plan for your company. Don’t allow yourself to be exposed to a protection gap that can hurt you and your business down the road.