What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down

What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down

February 04, 2024

The following tips may help keep you and your passengers safe if your car breaks down or you get a flat tire:

1. Turn on Your Hazard/Emergency Lights
Turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers as soon as you sense something’s wrong. Keep them on until help arrives.

2. Slow Down and Pull off the Road
Aim for the right shoulder of the road. Pull over to a safe, flat location that is as far away from moving traffic as possible.

3. Turn Your Wheels Away from the Road and Put on the Emergency Brake
Pull your emergency brake, sometimes called the parking brake. If you have to park on a hill or slope, turn the car’s wheels away from the road to help prevent the car from rolling into traffic.

4. Stay in Your Vehicle
If you’re on a highway or crowded road, avoid getting out of your vehicle to look at the damage or fix a mechanical problem. If you need to get out of the car, get your vehicle to a safe place and make sure the road around you is completely clear. If you’re stopped on the right-hand side of the road, get out through the passenger-side door.

5. Be Visible
Once you’re safely out of the vehicle, prop up your hood to let other drivers know they should proceed with caution. This will alert other drivers that you’re broken down.

6. Set up Flares or Triangles
Place flares or triangles with reflectors behind your car to alert other drivers to the location where you’ve stopped.

7. Call for Help
Call or use an app to get a tow truck, mechanic or roadside assistance to come help. Your insurance company or other provider may be able to help. If you’re in an emergency situation or are not sure who to contact, call 911 or the local police for help.

Consider a Roadside Assistance Membership Plan
Before you find yourself in a tough situation, you may want to consider getting roadside assistance. Knowing you’ll have help in case of a breakdown or another unexpected car issue can offer peace of mind. Roadside assistance plans may provide services like:
• Towing
• Jump starts
• Fuel delivery
• Lockout services

Contact your insurance agent to see if you can obtain roadside assistance from your car insurance company or from an independent provider.


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