National Life Insurance Day - May 2nd

National Life Insurance Day - May 2nd

April 28, 2024

National Life Insurance Day takes place on May 2 every year. It marks the anniversary of the first day that life insurance became available in the United States. This day celebrates life insurance and reminds us of the benefits of having it. It is important to have life insurance as it can ensure we don’t fall into debt, pre-fund a child’s college education, provide surviving family members with the chance to move on with a clean slate, and keep a business afloat for a while in the event of the death of a family member who owned a business. Life insurance makes it possible to establish an emergency fund and seek out high-quality investment opportunities to build wealth while making sure your family is taken care of. Life insurance is a security for the future.

How to observe National Life Insurance Day:

  1. Sign up for a life insurance plan

    Sign up for a life insurance plan if you don’t have one, as its importance cannot be overemphasized. Use this opportunity to create a plan for yourself.

  2. Read more to educate yourself

    Educate yourself more about life insurance. Learn more about the different types of life insurance policies available. This will help you understand your needs and enable you to educate others.

  3. Create awareness for others

    National Life Insurance Day is a day to create awareness about the importance of having life insurance among your family and friends to help them secure their financial future. This is the time to educate others about the benefits of life insurance. 


    1. The first life insurance company in the world

      The Amicable Society for a Perpetual Assurance Office was the first life insurance company in the world.

    2. There is a “whole life” insurance plan

      As the name implies, this insurance plan lasts for your whole life — the premium on these policies is more expensive than those of term life insurance.

    3. You can get a term life insurance

      The term ‘life insurance plan’ is the most affordable type of insurance plan, which provides you with coverage for a specific amount of time, usually between 10 and 30 years.

    4. It is a stream of income

      A life insurance plan can provide a stream of income for a family to live on for a period.

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