8 Tips for a Clean Garage

8 Tips for a Clean Garage

April 02, 2023

Did you know that organization experts estimate that 30 percent of all garages don’t even house a car? Most people would rather use their garage as a storage unit than a shelter for their vehicles.

If this sounds like you—or if you're running out of room—you might want to add your garage to your spring cleaning list. In order to make the job a little easier, here are eight ways to help you organize your garage. (One friendly reminder: As you clean and organize, keep an eye out for any potential fire hazards.)

  • Try nailing angled wooden brackets to walls as a storage solution for lawn chairs and more.
  • Bungee cords can help group together all those basketballs, soccer balls and more. Simply hook a few into sturdy surfaces and place sports balls in a neat pile behind the cords.
  • If your yard tools are scattered, try rolling up a PVC tube and placing some screws into the place where the edges meet to create a tool slot.
  • Mason jars or any other glass jar can be used to stash nails and screws.
  • Hang a magnetic strip on a wall to hold metal tools like scissors, screw drivers and more.
  • Try using a big basket to hold beach gear like boogie boards and snorkeling gear. No more searching the whole garage!
  • An easy way to make your garage more aesthetically pleasing is to apply inexpensive floor tiles to the walls.
  • Horizontally nail a strong paper towel holder into a wall as a way to neatly stash your garbage bags!

Wishing you & yours a happy spring, and good luck with your spring cleaning!