10 Summer Bucket List Ideas

10 Summer Bucket List Ideas

July 09, 2023

It feels like we blinked and boom - summer is here. It comes and goes as quickly as that, so let's try to make every day count. If you're feeling stumped on what to add to your list, we've got you covered!

Here's some fun ideas to add to your summer bucket list to make it the most memorable year yet.

Have a picnic
It only takes an hour or two and it's a fun, relaxing activity with a family or friend. If you can't find someone who is available, bring your furry friend along!

Spend the day at the beach
Nothing beats the feeling of the sun on your face and the sound of waves in the distance. If you aren't close to a beach, go to a friend's pool or your city's pool for some water fun.

Go to an amusement park
Take the kids and head to your local water park or amusement park to make some fun memories. You'll definitely take some fun pictures and have a lot of laughs!

Throw a BBQ at your house
Have you always "talked" about getting together with your friends for dinner, but it never happened? Well, now's your chance! Grill up all of those savory foods you've been thinking about all summer and host a great evening at your place.

Go camping for a weekend
If you're craving the outdoors, this one is for you. Pick a weekend to unplug from your life, and soak in the scenery and wildlife.

Summer is the perfect time to go stargazing. Drive far away from the city lights to look at the many constellations and planets in the sky! Experts say the best places to stargaze are national or state parks.

Attend a bonfire
There's no better way to end the night than with a warm fire and some roasted marshmallows!

Watch a movie at a drive-in theater
It's rare to find a drive-in theater nowadays. If there's one located near you, go watch your favorite flick for a memorable experience.

Go to the zoo
If you want to do a fun, affordable activity with your kids, this one is for you. They will love seeing their favorite animals up close, and depending on the zoo, they may offer some interactive exhibits for the kids.

Go on a mini vacation
If you need some new scenery, planning a weekend getaway will be the perfect cure. Look up the nearest vacation town near you, book the hotel, start driving and don't look back! You'll thank me later.

Before you know it, the cold will be back, school will be in session…and you'll be thinking about the smell of that bonfire or how the sand felt between your toes.