Restaurants Save on Works Compensation

How does an up-front, 25% discount on Restaurant Workers Compensation Premiums AND a paid dividend sound to you?  Could your restaurant benefit from 25% savings and an average 35% dividend return like this?

If you answered yes (which we thought you might) you need to give us a call to find out about the best partnership going for Restaurant Workers Compensation!

Utilizing the New York State leader in Workers Compensation, The Friedlander Group; Putnam Record Insurance offers our restaurant clients an opportunity to substantially save money and enjoy dividend returns as an added bonus to the overall management of their restaurants insurance needs.


Two Words: Safety Groups!  These safety groups significantly reduce the cost of workers compensation for safety conscious members. Friedlander’s fully insured safety groups work by pooling members annual premiums, and after deducting the costs of claims and administrative charges, the profits are returned to members in the form of a dividend. The rates are guaranteed there will never be an assessment for additional premiums due rate inadequacy.

Friedlander Group has paid an average 38% dividend since 1993.

Safety Groups provide a high quality, low cost, fully insured workers compensation insurance solution to businesses with a proven track record of safety in the workplace.

The benefits for restaurants are significant:
1.   reduced insurance costs
2.   a fully administered program which provides:

a.   comprehensive claims administration
b.   handles billing and underwriting issues
c.   policy coverage review and loss control assistance
d.   improved employee productivity
e.   reduced employee pain and suffering

If all these benefits are appealing to you for your restaurant business pick up the phone and call Putnam Record Insurance so we can explain this great program available to safety conscious businesses in New York State or fill out the free, no-obligation quote form and one of our trained agents will contact you about all your options.

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