Restaurant Insurance Cost Saving Tips

Your restaurant business is your livelihood and everything about how it is run matters to you.  You have worked hard to build the good name and reputation of your restaurant but even one case of food poisoning or one kitchen mishap can seriously damage all your efforts to grow your customer base and succeed in the restaurant business!

Did you know that by following simple safety tips you can help to control your restaurants insurance costs by reducing claims which will put you in a better position to receive lower insurance rates.

Putnam Record Insurance, your trusted insurance broker, provides restaurant insurance and insurance cost saving tips to countless Western New York Sate restaurants! We are the preferred partner and insurance broker to Pan Gregorian Enterprises of Upper New York.  Pan Gregorian Enterprises of Upper New York recognizes that we can and do provide better pricing on restaurant insurance. Don’t delay in finding out how we can work to save your restaurant valuable dollars on your insurance while still providing you with excellent coverage. Fill out the quote request and one of your trained advisors will contact you and help you save.

In the meantime check out the top tips to keep your insurance claims at a minimum!

So how does a restaurant owner go about minimizing the probability of having to file an insurance claim?  Restaurant insurance claims can be avoided by giving attention in the following areas:

  • Following Best Practices in Safe Food Handling

The best way to avoid any restaurant insurance claims related to serving food to the public is to follow simple best practices in safe food handling.

  • Pay Attention to Employee Safety

Keep employees safe around potentially hazardous equipment by properly training your staff and following safety standards.  Restaurant workers compensation claims can vastly effect your overall restaurant insurance rates.  We work with the New York State leader in Workers Compensation, The Friedlander Group.  They offer a unique Group Discount Formula that joins safety conscious members together so the members benefit from significant discounts AND enjoy paid dividends. Find out more.

  • Properly operate and maintain your Restaurant Equipment

Large pieces of food preparation equipment, like mixers and slicers, can be dangerous when operated incorrectly.  Adding proper maintenance of your restaurant equipment to your insurance rate reduction plan will make a huge difference in providing safety and therefore, reducing insurance claims.

  • Modernize whenever possible

When modern equipment offers advantages that reduce your restaurant insurance claims the result can be lower insurance rates for you. Consider upgrading to save money when products, equipment and systems offer safer and better:

food handling
employee safety
building safety
accident avoidance
loss/theft reduction

Putnam Record Insurance is proud to be a trusted adviser to many restaurants delivering knowledge and support  for restaurant insurance.  We couple our expert experience with access to the best provider programs to work for you.  Don’t overpay one moment longer, fill out the free no obligation quote form to have us work out an affordable and comprehensive plan for your restaurant!

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