Pizza Insurance For New York Restaurants

In late 2014, a popular pizza restaurant sustains substantial water and smoke damage following a major fire. The building was a total loss. A few years earlier, another pizza restaurant lost three deep fryers, two huge ovens, carpet, furniture and drywall after it was invaded by water from a massive storm. Just after Christmas in 2014, a man walked into another pizza restaurant with a gun and demanded money from the employee behind the counter.

These are only a few examples of the costly risks that pizza restaurant owners face each day. Fortunately, all of these business owners were adequately protected by Pizzeria Insurance. Therefore, they were able to recover from these events quickly without significant financial loss or downtime.

Becoming the owner of a pizza restaurant requires a large investment, in addition to continued maintenance. On the other hand, with the right preparations and protections in order, the earning potential for a pizzeria owner is huge.

If you own a pizza restaurant, you have put a considerable amount of time, energy and money into your establishment. In order to make certain that your pizzeria will continue to be profitable, you need to invest in the extra security of a quality policy.

A Pizza Insurance Policy With A Lot To Offer

As the owner of a successful pizza restaurant, you have taken on a mission to provide your customers with fast, hot and delicious pizzas. However, a lot can go wrong in this business, especially if your pizzeria delivers.

You need a comprehensive Pizzeria Insurance policy that features several different coverage options to provide you with total security. This is the only way to get the peace of mind that you require to be able to focus on the more important aspects of running your business.

Of course, there are some types of insurance that may be required by law for pizza restaurants in New York. Other coverage may be required by the bank that holds the mortgage on the building that houses your restaurant or the contract to the loan you took out to start your business.

Regardless, there are some types of Pizza Insurance that you will certainly need to consider in order to provide the security you desire. You need coverage for your employees, coverage for your delivery vehicles, as well as liability coverage. These coverage types are the foundation of a quality policy.

Employee Protection And Pizza Delivery Insurance

Studies have found delivery jobs, such as pizza delivery, to be among the most dangerous jobs in the country. Drivers looking to make a big tip must face risks such as automobile accidents, robbery, assault, and even death. Having the right policy in place will ensure your financial security if one of your employees is injured or killed on the job. In addition, you will also be covered if an employee causes injury, property damage or an accident while on the job.

Your first line of defense when it comes to Pizza Delivery Insurance is your commercial auto insurance coverage. Whether it is a non-owned or owned vehicle insurance policy, you will be protected against delivery driver liability risks. With a car that is owned by your pizzeria, each driver will be listed on the policy. If your delivery drivers use their own cars, your policy will provide liability coverage if an accident occurs while they are using their personal vehicle for business purposes.

The other type of protection you need to include in your policy is workers compensation insurance. In the event that one of your drivers or other employees is injured or becomes ill in relation to the work that they do for you, you will be protected against expenses and legal action. Workers compensation will pay for medical treatments as well as lost wages for the employee if required.

The Most Important Coverage Type

When you own any type of business, the most important coverage is liability. This is especially true in the restaurant industry. There are so many different liability risks to which you are exposed as the owner of a pizza restaurant, the only way to keep your business from bankruptcy after a claim is to have the best possible Pizzeria Insurance policy effectively in place.

General liability will protect you from slip-and-fall type incidents that may occur on the premises of your pizza restaurant. Product liability will ensure you are covered if a customer becomes ill after consuming food that you served. Liquor liability will protect you against the actions of a diner who has a little too much beer with their pizza.

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