One single lawsuit, property fire, or theft incident could put you out of business tomorrow … unless you’re properly insured.

And, even if you survive the drama, getting back on your feet will take time and money. Will your Business Insurance take care of that too?

It could if you come to Putnam Record Insurance Agency, where we’ve earned an unbeatable reputation for value and service in this thriving business community.

We don’t just provide insurance. We like to get to know you, so we can customize a plan precisely to your needs, including protection for the effects of business disruption and loss of income we just mentioned.

Then, because we’re not tied to just one insurance company, we shop around for the most competitive rates for Commercial Insurance in Fredonia while you get on with running your business!

We might also be able to secure valuable discounts for multiple policies, multiple properties and any security or fire precautions you put in place.

And at Putnam Record Insurance Agency we like to stay in touch, so we can keep your coverage under regular review to ensure it keeps pace with your needs and delivers the best possible value.

Options And Benefits

Your options can include a general Business Owners Policy (BOP), which covers many risks in a single package, and is ideally suited to small and medium sized businesses.

Or we can provide separate or additional Business Insurance plans for:

  • General Business Liability – your main safeguard against lawsuits, including settlements and defense costs.
  • Coverage for your property in Fredonia NY or elsewhere. This will protect you against damage and destruction from fire, vandalism and accidents. Plus coverage against theft of equipment and personal property.
  • Additional coverage for perils that fall outside regular property insurance, like floods and earthquakes.
  • Product liability insurance for claims relating to defective items you make, supply or sell.
  • Professional / errors & omissions liability. This includes malpractice and negligence coverage and, for some professions, may be required by law.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance to cover company- or employee-owned autos used for your business.
  • Data Security Insurance. If you maintain confidential records, you could be vulnerable to hacking and data theft, resulting in high liability and rectification costs.
  • Employee theft and fraud, including dishonesty with customers.
  • Employee Disability, Workers Comp and healthcare both for compliance with legal requirements and as part of a benefits package.
  • Business disruption and loss of income – as mentioned above.
  • Umbrella insurance with higher limits above your existing protection, as well as cover for additional risks.

If you run your business from home, we also have special Commercial Insurance plans for many different types of activity that you won’t be covered for with your Homeowners Insurance.

Why Putnam Record Insurance Agency?

Don’t worry if all these options seem overwhelming.

You’re unlikely to need all of these separate types of coverage, but you do need the expertise of the professionals at Putnam Record Insurance Agency to identify what’s best and right for your business.

That way, you’ll have a plan that’s tailored for your company — but you won’t end up with insurance you don’t need.

In addition, our insurance professionals can provide guidance on risk assessment, business compliance and employment regulations. If you need to file a claim on your Commercial Insurance policy, they’ll be there to help you too.

Find out now how to get properly protected at a great price by using our no-cost, no-obligation quote service. Click on the Free Quote button right now and let us do the rest.

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