Not so long ago, a daycare lost everything in a terrible structure fire. The daycare operated in a building next to the business owner’s home, which also caught fire and burned to the ground. The daycare owner lost her home, her business and the contents of both. In addition, she also lost the only income that she had when her customers were forced to go elsewhere for their child care needs.

However, this is not the only devastation that this business owner had to face. A child received minor injuries in the fire as the daycare workers hurriedly escorted the children to safety. The parents of the injured child filed a lawsuit against the daycare, the daycare owner and the employees for negligence. Even though the court ruled in favor of the child care provider, the cost of defense was substantial.

Fortunately, this story does have a happy ending. The owner of the daycare had the foresight to invest in the right Daycare Insurance policy. Liability coverage provided compensation for the court expenses. Property insurance, which included business interruption coverage, provided the funds necessary to rebuild the facilities. The daycare is up and running once again, while the business owner remained financially secure throughout the entire ordeal.

How Child Care Insurance Works For You

The cost of living these days is higher than it has ever been. For this reason, more and more families are finding that the only way to stay afloat is by both parents working outside of the home. With mom and dad at the office all day, every day, they need someone they can depend on to be there to take care of their children in their absence.

This is where daycare facilities just like yours comes to the rescue. You dedicate your time and hard work to helping these families by providing the best possible care for their children. It is your responsibility to make certain that these children are well cared for and protected in a safe environment.

However, you need to make sure that you, your employees and your business is well protected as well. The only way to do this is with a solid policy. With the right Day Care Insurance, you can rest assured that you will be able to stay on your feet no matter what happens. Whether a windstorm sends a huge tree limb crashing through your roof or a parent claims that scab on their kid’s knee was not there when they were droped off in your care, you will be prepared.

Daycare Insurance is special business insurance that is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of a daycare business. As the business owner, you will be provided with all-important liability coverage and property insurance through your policy. Many Child Care Insurance policies feature a variety of options for coverage, which makes it possible for you to create a policy that caters to your exact needs.

It does not matter if your daycare business is operated out of your own home or in a dedicated center, you need the right coverage. In fact, nursery schools and child care centers are required by law to carry liability Day Care Insurance in order to obtain proper licensing for a legal operation in most states.

In today’s litigious world, there is a long list of situations that can lead to legal action against you. Even if the charges are unfounded, the legal fees alone can be extensive enough to put you out of business for a while, if not permanently. Liability Daycare Insurance coverage will protect you against the financial downfall brought on by legal fees and court costs of an insured event.

The operations of a daycare business typically requires a large capital investment just to pay for the equipment that is used to keep a number of children entertained while they are in your care. A Child Care Insurance policy can provide you with the necessary compensation should your business property become damaged or lost. Keep in mind, however, that the coverage needs of a daycare that is run out of a home is not the same as one that is operated out of a dedicated establishment.

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