Don’t Lose Income When the Power Goes Out

Many potential hazards exist for a typical convenience store. Consider the following:

  • One of our famous Nor’easter storms blows across the entire state with up to 80 mile per hour winds. The power goes out at midnight on Friday. It’s predicted that it will not be restored until Sunday morning at the earliest. You have to set up shop outside and take cash only. Even so, you will still have a lot of food spoilage. Will your insurance pay for that?
  • While attempting to park, a patron overshoots the parking space, goes up on the sidewalk in front of your store and strikes a pedestrian, severely injuring her. Is that your responsibility?
  • A robbery at your store results in one of your employee’s getting hurt. How does your insurance policy protect you and your employees if the store is robbed?

Allow our Convenience Store Insurance Experts at Putnam Record Insurance Agency to counsel you through the explanation and selection of all the insurance protection available for your store. This includes Glass and Sign, Food Spoilage, Theft, Power Interruption, Employee Dishonesty, Loss of Income and other important protections that you may not have even considered.

The Putnam Record Insurance Agency

The Putnam Record Insurance Agency provides insurance protection to convenience stores all across New York State. As you can see, these policies contain a wide variety of coverage to consider. We will help you sort it all out.

A convenience store can be a real boon to a community. It can also provide a good living for you. However, like most worthy enterprises, it does take a lot of dedication. We will help you minimize the risks while you work to build a successful business.

Take a minute to complete the Protection Savings Form on this page right now and we will provide you with a FREE, no-risk consultation.  Let us work together to tailor an insurance protection plan that is right for your convenience store.

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