Don’t Get Halted Before You Get Started

Imagine that you are a woodworker. You always liked working with wood. In fact, for a hobby you would make wooden furniture—coffee tables, end tables, cabinets etc. Now, as a worker with wood, you are beginning to get noticed. People are asking you to create pieces for them. Slowly, almost before you know it, you have realized you can make a living at this.

You finally quit your job as a postal worker and begin manufacturing your pieces in earnest. You’re still storing the furniture in your garage. Customers sometimes come there to pick up their items. It’s only then that a catastrophe strikes.

A client is loading a particularly awkward piece in his SUV. He slips and falls while doing so. He dislocates his shoulder and breaks his knee.  And now you’re responsible to pay for his injury settlement!

But there’s a problem…the growth of your business crept up on you so quickly, you never got artisan contractor insurance. After all, it was just a few weeks ago you were a postal worker!

But the injuries of your client are your responsibility and your home insurance does not cover them.  Now the payments will have to come out of your own pocket and you could literally lose your business!

That’s why you need to contact the Putman Record Insurance Agency at the beginning to help you clarify your insurance needs for a new venture.  This includes liability and property damage protection, crime protection and special equipment protection.

On the other hand, if you’ve already been in business as an artisan contractor for some time now, then chances are you have even more to lose.  So, for experienced artisan contractors like yourself, it’s that much more important to contact us today.  We will review your current plan and make sure your protection is as complete and up-to-date as possible.

The Putnam Record Insurance Agency

Woodworkers are just one example out of the many artisan contractors we insure. In fact, artisan contractors insurance can be purchased for over 40 different occupations by meeting a few qualifications. The Putnam Record Insurance Agency already provides insurance protection to many artisans in New York State, so you can trust us to provide the absolute best for you. We exist to help you get the insurance essential to running a thriving enterprise.

Complete the Protection Savings Form on this page, right away. The sooner you do, the sooner we can go to work to create an artisan insurance protection package that will meet all of your insurance needs today.

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