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Do you worry about fire, wind, theft, or vandalism of your apartment or rental property?  Foreseen and unforeseen events happen and the result for you, as an apartment owner, can be perilous- ruining both your property and your monthly income!  The question is: are you covered with the right insurance to ensure your financial survival. Be sure now, not sorry later.

As an New York or Pennsylvania apartment owner both your property and your income are at risk. Because unlike a homeowner, if disaster strikes you will not only lose the value of your property but you may also potentially lose rental income due to repairs or permanent structure damage.


If you are looking for apartment owners insurance in Western New York or Pennsylvania , then you are in the right place.

If you own any of the below Apartment Risks, then we are able to assist you in securing your investment. Do you own an Apartment Building, Garden Apartments, Multiple Unit Buildings, Town Houses, Hotels, Motels, 1-4 Family Dwellings, College Housing, Student Housing, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Boarding Houses, Rehabilitation Facilities, or Government Subsidized Housing?  In each case, you need adequate apartment owner’s insurance to secure and protect your investment.


Cost is always a factor to your bottom line:

You are probably thinking that quality insurance coverage will be more expensive than you can afford.  As experts in the insurance field, we can assure you that good insurance- the right insurance- is very affordable.  We habitually save apartment owners substantial funds when reviewing insurance policies and can provide equal if not better coverage.

Apartment owner insurance makes sense for anyone who owns an apartment building because it can cover major disasters, liability from lawsuits that can come from common property claims and also it can insure that your income will continue if disaster does strike.


You’ve worked hard to build your income renter by renter, you have built your income property over time, don’t let one event take it all away.

Here are three reasons to get started right now!

  1. At any time, accidents and disasters can occur–cover your apartments from disasters, lawsuits and income loss.
  2. A no-risk quote can give you peace of mind right away. Just fill out the form right now and we’ll get back to you with the exact coverage you need and a very affordable quote.
  3. Our expert agents know all the in’s and out’s of rental property insurance and will work with you to find the right coverage at the right price.


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