Medicare Enrollment Periods & Eligibility

*Open Enrollment ends December 7th! Medicare can be an intimidating topic, whether you are of age and eligible to enroll, or your loved one is looking to enroll. You can find information below about eligibility and enrollment periods, as well as our contact information.    When am I eligible for Medicare? You are eligible for […]

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Medicare Open Enrollment Ends December 7, 2017

Confused about Medicare Insurance? Putnam Record Insurance Agency is here to help you decide what Medicare plan is best for your situation. Since this is your health care insurance, you need to know that facts. We are here to help sort through your health care coverage options. We know that health care costs are rising […]

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How Do I Know What My Parent Needs for Medicare?

  Healthcare can be confusing these days! Big changes in both private healthcare plans and in Medicare are occurring from year to year and KNOWING what has changed and how it affects you or your loved one is important. Each year, Medicare offers an Open Enrollment period during which Seniors can educate themselves on the different […]

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Medicare Parts Explained

Parents Retiring

Remember! Open Enrollment for Medicare ends on December 7th! We found this infographic online that illustrates how the different parts of Medicare work… Thought it might come in handy for those of you still learning the in’s & outs of Medicare- *REMINDER* We travel throughout Chautauqua County to help educate seniors and their loved ones […]

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Fall/Winter Preparedness Tips

While you may regularly maintain your home, there are tasks that you need to remember to complete in the fall to prepare it for the season.  These steps will also help get you ready for the winter weather ahead.  Completing these tasks will help protect your most valuable asset. Gutters:  Ensure that gutters and down spouts […]

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Homeowners Insurance & Social Gatherings

Many homeowners enjoy throwing parties for holidays or special events. If a party is in the near future, be sure that individual homeowners coverage is adequate. Guests who are injured may need to file an injury claim if their vehicle is damaged, if they fall down or if a pet bites them. Research shows that […]

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Check Your Deck!

  One of the greatest things about summer is taking advantage of the warmer weather and enjoying the outdoors. For some, this means going to the beach, hiking trails and spending time at parks. For others, it means simply sitting on their deck and sunbathing or enjoying a warm summer evening. While this may seem […]

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Difficulty Caring for Your Elderly Parents

When it comes to caring for elderly parents, there are a number of options out there. Your first decision is where your parent will live – in his or her own home, with you, or in an elder care facility. If you choose elder care, your choices extend to adult day care, home care, independent […]

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Moving in Together?

Congratulations! You have decided to take the next step in your relationship and have asked your boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancée to move into your home. Now, the next step is deciding where the other individual’s belongings will fit into your living space. Where are you going to put all of their stuff? But more importantly, have […]

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