Avoid Deer-Related Claims

As autumn approaches, deer-related collisions are more likely to occur. Typically, October through January is mating season for deer in New York. This means deer are more likely to be active and make inconvenient strolls across the road.NYCM shared the following facts about deer activity in the fall in their blog recently. Keep these tips […]

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Fall/Winter Preparedness Tips

While you may regularly maintain your home, there are tasks that you need to remember to complete in the fall to prepare it for the season.  These steps will also help get you ready for the winter weather ahead.  Completing these tasks will help protect your most valuable asset.   Gutters:  Ensure that gutters and down […]

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Keep Away Back-to-School Germs!

There are many ways to protect your family from illness caused by germs. When your kids head back to school and the cooler months hit, germs and sickness tend to follow not long after. While keeping your family healthy is a top priority, you may need some help convincing them that mitigating germs is a necessary step in […]

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How to Keep Your Dorm Room Germ Free

Excited to head back to college, but not so excited about the increased germ exposure that comes with living in a dorm? NYCM recently shared this list of ways you can limit the number of germs in your dorm room this fall and help yourself stay healthy in the process: Always Wash Your Hands Wash your […]

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Understanding the Basics of Insurance Deductibles

To get the most out of a car or home insurance policy, it is important to understand the roles deductibles play. A deductible is the amount deducted from an insured loss. When a damage claim is filed, the deductible is the amount of money a policyholder must pay upfront. It may be a percentage of […]

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