Tailgating Safety Tips

Whether you enjoy watching football games from the comfort of your home or you’re a frequent flyer of Highmark Stadium, here are some tailgating tips to help ensure that your game day is both fun & safe.

Respect Food Temperature

Meats, dips, and potato salads are all staple foods on game day, but maintaining proper food temperatures can be easily overlooked. To prevent bacteria from growing, store cold foods in a cooler with ice and make sure to keep hot foods insulated. An interception can definitely sour your day, but compared to a bad pass, food poisoning is a whole different ballgame…

Grill Safety

Improper lighting or a loose gas hose can cause a variety of issues that could put you and your guests in danger. A common mistake is lighting a gas grill while the top is closed, which can create an explosion. If you are unfamiliar with your grill’s safety features, read your safety guide before the game.

Safety Equipment

A hot grill, wind, and debris can lead to unexpected fires or accidents. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit on hand. Check the extinguisher’s expiration date before packing it and keep it close by while grilling. Keep any children or pets away from the grill at all times.

Dispose of Trash Properly

Littering can pose dangers for other drivers who don’t see it when they go to pull out of the parking lot. Have a garbage bag available while tailgating and make sure that you collect all trash before heading into the stadium. This will keep you from forgetting anything and lessen the mess when you return to your car.

Hide Valuables

Before you go into the stadium, make sure that you hide all valuables in your car from plain sight; keep doors locked and alarms on. Leaving valuables at home is the best policy when heading to a large public location like a football stadium.

Designate a Driver

Unfortunately, some people may leave the game not realizing that they’ve had a few too many… Ensure that you have a designated driver or an alternative way home. This action could save a life; one of them being your own.

Keep these tips in mind for the rest of the season to ensure that you, your friends & family continue to have a great time rooting for our favorite team, the Bills!

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