How Will Having a Student in College Affect My Car Insurance Rates?

College students may be covered under their parents’ auto insurance policy, if the student’s primary residence is the parent’s house.

The specifics vary by state, so you may want to discuss them with your insurance agent.


Take advantage of car insurance discounts for young drivers. For example, your student may qualify for a Good Student Discount or a Low Mileage Discount depending on the company you’re insured with.


Factors that may affect potential discounts are:

  • Which vehicle they drive
  • Where they drive
  • How much they drive
  • Does the student drive the vehicle at school


If you are buying a new vehicle for your student, you may want to check vehicle ratings and consider which vehicles offer better auto insurance rates. Also, don’t forget to contact your Putnam Record Insurance Agent to arrange coverage for the new vehicle.

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