Protecting Your Keepsakes

Insurance can provide you with coverage you need to replace pretty much everything you own and protect everything you care about….except those keepsakes we label as being of “sentimental value.”

Yes, you can recover their money value, but precious family heirlooms, from photographs and letters to jewelry and furniture are irreplaceable. Their loss, whether from natural disasters, fire or burglary is heartbreaking.

To protect small items, store them in a bank safety deposit box or a waterproof, fireproof home safe that cannot be moved and has a high security rating.

If you don’t like the idea of their being out of sight, make copies or documents, have replicas made of jewelry, and take photos of other items, like clothing or weapons, that you can display on your walls.

Larger items like furniture are a bigger challenge. If you can afford it, you can have replicas made (or again take photos) and put the originals in fireproof storage. At the very least, position them where they’re secure, but least easily damaged and most easily rescued. And if you’re moving to a new home, transport them yourself.

REMEMBER, anytime you have an appraisal, purchase receipt, or photos and any other documentation, it will put you in a better position with the insurance company when it is time to pay for a covered claim.

Check your policy coverages. When looking for coverage on special items it may be necessary to purchase additional insurance. WHEN IN DOUBT CHECK WITH YOUR AGENT!

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