Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP): What it Means for YOU

Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) began Tuesday, October 15th.

How Medicare AEP Works:

AEP is held each year to allow beneficiaries to enroll in plans for the upcoming year. During the Annual Election Period you can add, drop, or change your Medicare coverage. This is the only time during the year that you can do this unless you qualify for an exception, otherwise know as a Special Election Period (SEP).


Reviewing Your Medicare Coverage:

Because Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D are provided through private health insurers, there can be differences in price and coverage from one plan to the next. It is always a good idea to review your current coverage on a yearly basis, to ensure that you have the best plan for your specific needs at the best price. You may even find that there have been changes to your current plan. In some cases you may find that you need additional coverage, or you may even discover that you are paying for coverage that you don’t need!


Shopping for Medicare Coverage:

Once you have an idea of your current coverage and your out-of-pocket costs for the prior year, its time to do some comparisons. Check out other available plans in your area. You may find that there is another plan that offers better coverage at a more affordable price. You may also find that you are paying for coverage that you are not using. Review all available plans in your area to make sure that you have the best plan for your specific needs.


AEP ends on December 7th. December will be here before you know it, so don’t waste another moment being worried or uncertain about your coverage! Click here to view our upcoming Community Meetings and walk ins are welcome on Mondays & Wednesdays @ 9am & 1pm at our office location (77 E Fourth St. Dunkirk, NY 14048)

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