April is National Car Care Month!

April marks National Car Care Month and we’re here to remind you to take car of any issues that may have occurred or been ignored during winter. Are you keeping your vehicle maintained? Are the proper safety features installed? Is it clean?

This month, learn more about taking care of your car by following these important tips:

  • Have an alignment done. If your vehicle is pulling to one side, this can eventually grow into a dangerous problem. Take proper care of your car by having an alignment done.
  • Check the brakes. Over time, the brakes on your car will wear out. Get the brake pads replaced, check the fluid, and be sure that you’re not in danger of having total brake failure.
  • Get an oil change. The oil should be changed approximately every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Be sure to get your oil checked and changed to freshen up your vehicle.
  • Rotate the tires. When the tires are not properly and regularly rotated, the rubber breaks down, the tread wears off, and your car is in danger of having a blowout. Be sure to get your tires rotated this month!
  • It’s all about the details! On top of caring for the maintenance of your car and helping it to run smoothly, you want to make sure your vehicle is clean, as well. Make the effort to get your car detailed this April!
  • Review your auto insurance policy. The biggest mistake owners of vehicles make is not having the proper auto insurance coverage they need to protect them. With collision and comprehensive coverage as part of your policy, you can keep yourself, your automobile, and other drivers on the road safe!

It is important to take all the proper precautions to keep your car safe and enjoyable to drive. Now, you’re ready for spring driving and summer road trips!

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  1. Cooper Sanders

    There are things as a car owner you should know like how to keep the longevity of the car. You can avoid any mishap on the road side if, you do focus on regular car maintenance check list. Read your manual to know when exactly the oil change is due. You can replace the windshield wiper blades by reading of the owner manuals. Then, you have to know what type of replacement fluids you need to purchase. Do not forget to check headlights as visibility remains. Check the condition of brake and also tyres, if service needed then do it by a professional or contact to authorized service station I think it is important to do care about timely car maintenance and then, your car can able to last long and also performs at peak level.

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