Insure your college student for $15 a month!

Is your son or daughter going away to college? Are they taking everything they own, because they “need” to? Most kids, speaking from experience, feel the need to take every prize possession they own to school.

Is it covered if something happens if they are living in off campus housing? Chances are no. Parents why take that chance? I have a simple solution!

If something were to happen, where all their property was gone, it would cost you thousands to replace. You may not think so, but sit back and start writing down what your son or daughter has in their bedroom. I did it for my 15 year old daughter, and I couldn’t believe it. Between the computer, TV, her electronic gadgets, books (and these are just your standard paperbacks for her reading enjoyment) think about the cost of college text books, and then her clothes and shoes, it was well over $8,000. If she was away at school, and there was a fire, I know I couldn’t afford to replace it all, could you? My office can take that worry away. You can buy a renters policy for your college student for as little as $15 a month.

All you have to do is request a quote. It doesn’t take long, and parents, do it now before it’s to late!!! You may even qualify for a bundled discount!

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